My Expected Introduction

Yes, this is my first time blogging. I am so completely new to all of this, but just like all of you guys, I will learn eventually. My name is Alley and I am a complicated girl. That’s probably what makes my life so crazy and beautiful. I will not be updating all the time, but I will update from time to time. I will share my thoughts, opinions, rants, any crazy event, etc.  I hope you guys will enjoy reading up on all that I go through or do from day-to-day. 

Now a little about myself….I am in an amazing relationship with Jesus and my boyfriend, Caleb, as well. I have my moments, but at the end of the day I still serve Him. I am going to be a freshman in college and I am so excited to experience something new. I read a lot and tend to take loads of interest in other people’s lives……no….not nosy and up-in-your-biz kinda thing. More like, tell me all about your dreams, goals, things that make you mad, things that make you happy, your passions, etc. I can be selfish a lot, but I can also be one of the most caring people as well. I have strong beliefs in feminism and rape culture. So yes, I will talk about that from time to time, but it’s what makes me unique and well, me. I hope to die being a big encouragement to people and to have helped them learn self-freedom. I could go on and on telling you guys about myself, but I think I’d rather have you guys figure it out.


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