Christ Revealed

Bible Study Monday

       So I know everyone is on Christmas break. Student-wise. I remember experiencing finals week and thinking to myself, “Man, I cannot wait to catch up on sleep and do absolutely nothing on break”. That’s what I did. At least for the first few days. I slept all day it seemed. I can’t even tell you what I did those first few days because I do not remember. I was asleep half the time. But, after I caught up on sleep, those next few days I started doing things because I always get bored and agitated if I am not up and doing something. I guess it is because I am so used to doing things when I am at school. I have two jobs and I am in 4 different clubs while juggling classes and a social life. Busy bee, that’s me. That’s not the point though, the point is is that I actually felt happy being able to read a book for once or even watch an episode or two of Grey’s Anatomy. Why? Because I haven’t done anything for ME in a while. This Christmas break, I learned that despite life’s heavy work load and crazy situations, I still need to find time for me.

       Also, I made a new friend as Christmas break started to appear. My guy friend, (we’ll call him Sam for certain purposes) Sam helped guide me back to Christ. As college started, I started to struggle with maintaining a relationship with Christ. I started losing “relax” time due to how busy I am and I started to think reading the bible, praying, and worshiping Him was more of a job than a natural thing. So I started to stray from Him. I started doing things MY way because I wanted to control my life. I wanted to already know what was going to happen in my future. But Sam showed me how it is impossible for me to know my own future when God has control. I might not want to accept that God has control, but He ultimately does. I can think I am controlling my life all I want, but those curveballs? Those are God’s doing to show me that I am not the ruler of my life. If I was the ruler of my life, I would be a very unhappy person because I’d focus all my time on my future and not me in present time working to achieve my future goals. Sam showed me that as hard as it is to open up and be real with God and others, it heals you. It heals you because God’s presence and listening ear is comforting enough. You feel an immediate satisfaction getting your problems off your chest. The other thing I learned this Christmas break, is to make time for God just like I would make time for myself. It won’t be that hard once I get used to it.


Christ’s Love

So last night I found out a friend of mine is engaged. I started to cry. I am so extremely happy for her and to know she is going to have a dream wedding and marriage is so exciting.

Wonder why I am freaking out?

I have had a selfish heart lately and a cold one too. I haven’t had much sympathy for others like I should and I haven’t shown God’s love. I have noticed it and it hit me more when I was actually happy and excited for my friend. To know I am not some horrible person, but that I need more of Jesus. He softens my heart. At that moment I realized how real Christ’s love really is. It is weird how something like a friend’s engagement had to make me realize it in that moment, but God used that announcement as a wake up call for me. I have strayed so far from God and I haven’t really recognized the blessings and the love He has poured out to me.

This might be important too.

My friend and her boyfriend have such a strong Christ-centered relationship. When I met my friend, she was instantly a burst of sunshine. She naturally makes you happy. Just her presence alone. She is so full of God’s love that it is never-ending. She shows people the same love God shows us. Her boyfriend is so supportive and they both encourage each other in the faith. That is why their relationship is so awe-inspiring. It is like a Nicholas Sparks love story. And to know a love like that exists, gives me hope.

God gives us a heart like hers when we just accept Him into our lives. It is just so amazing to know God can make you feel so energized and full of love when you have Him in your life.