Patience Factor

You know when you stray away from God and then the day that you decide to fix the relationship, everything seems to tumble down on you? I feel like that is happening to me.¬†Yesterday was my first day back at school with my heart and mind set on Jesus. Yesterday was also the day where my patience was being tested, people wouldn’t cooperate, and I just wanted to lock myself into my room and cry. Yesterday was a day gone wrong. God definitely was trying to give me a day to stay strong and stay patient. If any of you guys know me, my patience is not the best. God knows what needs to be worked on in me, and he spent no time wasted yesterday. I did not do what I should have done yesterday. Instead, I let everyone’s words, actions, and drama-filled stories get the best of me and I would get snappy. I feel like I failed.


I prayed about it after I reflected on the day. I prayed that God can continue to work on that part about me. I prayed that God could continue to soften my heart. I prayed that I can be more and more like Him everyday. And I prayed that I would not let worldly things get the best of me.

I felt a lot better after that. I know God has a plan and God has a way for me. I need to develop patience and I need to keep my endurance. I need to follow God’s light and shine that same light wherever I go. I can do this. If others can, I can.