Been Gone for Jesus


Yes, I know, it has been way to long since I have posted. Sorry for the wait if any of you guys were waiting. First things first…..I was gone for Jesus. Sounds funky, huh? Well, I attended Centrifuge which is an amazing camp. It is a church camp which focuses on you learning about Jesus without pushing it. I got to participate in tons of crazy fun activities and learn about Jesus. I definitely learned a lot in that one week I was there. I am just glad I was able to have more questions answered and able to grow in my love for Christ. I also came to the realization that I want to be a Centrifuge staffer when I hit 20 years old! I feel like that would be the perfect summer job for me! It has great benefits too. Next year, I get to be a leader when the youth goes. I am sooooo excited! I get to actually sit back and watch the kids learn and grow right in front of me! After Centrifuge I had to work some orientations for my college and that was a crazy rewarding experience. I got to learn more about my school and help others figure out what to do, where to go, etc. I even made sure it was fun 😉 I have also been able to grow closer to my other team members. Tomorrow I have to work another one and I am genuinely excited about it.

Lately I have had a mishap happen. My roommate, Ashton, texted me and told me that she was not going to be attending the college anymore, therefore, I need to find another roommate. She said she would keep her spot in the room until I could find one. She was not mean about it. She just saw a different future for herself. So here I am freaking out about not finding a roommate because it is so late in the summer and everyone I know has already contacted their roommates. I was extremely nervous about having some random person getting thrown off the waiting list and into my room. Well….today, Ashton texted me and asked if I found one yet and I had to tell her no. She texted back immediately and told me “Thank goodness because I decided to stay”. UM. HELLO. I am one happy camper!!!!! All stress was taken away from me in that moment and the only person I knew I needed to thank was God. He definitely blessed me in that moment. He made that work together for my good!

On that note, I am going to go and read my new book. Bye everyone 🙂



The Memories

As I am sitting here with my best friend, Emily, I am coming to terms with the infamous quote, “Live everyday like it is your last”. I have had a hard time actually enjoying life. I always make plans to go do something and then there I am not really soaking it up and enjoying the moment. If I am having a conversation with someone, there I am texting or paying attention to something else instead of giving that person my full attention. Well, I am done with that now. I WILL enjoy every day. For instance, Emily and I arrived at Starbucks this morning and she surprised me with a gift, a Lilly Pulitzer phone case (my first one). She said it was a little gift for our 4 year anniversary of being best friends and for always putting up with her “crap”. It may not seem like an important thing, but it is the fact that she thought about that and to give me a gift for it. So that was really thoughtful and I was really thankful for it as well. So just remember to truly enjoy the moments. Make memories because you truly will regret it later. 

Starbucks: How I Feel

I know this may sound crazy, but every time I walk into Starbucks….I feel so, I don’t know, inspired. When you walk into Starbucks and actually decide to sit and enjoy your coffee, listen to the music, people-watch, you will hopefully understand what I am talking about. I love seeing the business people at their tables, doing their work, skyping with CEOs and managers, and then sipping their coffee as they do it all. I love seeing the couples staring into each other’s “dreamy” eyes and talking about their day or a wonderful topic while they have their coffee. Heck, maybe it’s the coffee that causes me to think like this, but whatever it is, I love that feeling. Inspiration. It helps me look towards the future and know I might be in my local Starbucks doing college homework or studying for finals. I can see myself in stopping by Starbucks before my shift at the hospital. It’s exciting. Starbucks is amazing. Yes, the coffee too 😉 Thank you Starbucks for making me feel inspirational.


Relationships are down right scary. I don’t care who you are. You are committed to someone. Commitment is a pretty nerve-wracking thing for me. So being in a relationship, I’ve had my moments of “gee, gimme my space” and the whole, “I don’t know if this is going to last long”, etc. But knowing that I have tried to push him away and he refused to go made me realize that he is truly a keeper. I had depression and as much as I didn’t want to be with him because of my disorder, that did not stop his unconditional love for me. He stayed right there and helped me out of it. I realize now that I am ready to be committed to him. This is a relationship I will not give up on so easily because of fear. I will fight through it and, I know he is going to be right there fighting with me. 

My Expected Introduction

Yes, this is my first time blogging. I am so completely new to all of this, but just like all of you guys, I will learn eventually. My name is Alley and I am a complicated girl. That’s probably what makes my life so crazy and beautiful. I will not be updating all the time, but I will update from time to time. I will share my thoughts, opinions, rants, any crazy event, etc.  I hope you guys will enjoy reading up on all that I go through or do from day-to-day. 

Now a little about myself….I am in an amazing relationship with Jesus and my boyfriend, Caleb, as well. I have my moments, but at the end of the day I still serve Him. I am going to be a freshman in college and I am so excited to experience something new. I read a lot and tend to take loads of interest in other people’s lives……no….not nosy and up-in-your-biz kinda thing. More like, tell me all about your dreams, goals, things that make you mad, things that make you happy, your passions, etc. I can be selfish a lot, but I can also be one of the most caring people as well. I have strong beliefs in feminism and rape culture. So yes, I will talk about that from time to time, but it’s what makes me unique and well, me. I hope to die being a big encouragement to people and to have helped them learn self-freedom. I could go on and on telling you guys about myself, but I think I’d rather have you guys figure it out.