Little Habits

So I find it funny how the human brain is so smart that it slips things by that YOU don’t even realize. Just until someone points it out. For instance, habits. Whether big or small, we never truly realize how much we do something until someone points it out for us. Before I left for college I was probably one of the laziest people you could ever have met. I would push off cleaning the dishes, even if it was a cup and a plate! Once I got to college, that little sink area was so small that I couldn’t let just one cup sit there because it would get in the way. So I just cleaned my stuff once I was done with it. Then it turned into making my bed every morning, cleaning off my desk, keeping my stuff tidy and in order. It is funny because I would not have done those things at home with my parents there. They would get it. Now that I am on my own though, I realize that it is time to be responsible and do things for myself. Now that I am back home, I find myself keeping up those cleanly habits. I wake up and water my plant, clean whatever dishes are left. I actually cook my food instead of finding something that takes 2 minutes to re-heat. Every now and then it is okay to be a child and let your parents do some things and take care of you, but you also have to learn to be responsible even if it is just cleaning up after yourself. Now it urks me when I leave dishes in the sink for long than an hour. It’s weird, but it makes me realize how my parents feel when I used to leave them there all day. Little habits are sometimes a good thing.