Those Little Moments with Friends

Not a lot of people want to hang out with their friends unless they are out doing something….whether it is bowling, eating, coffee dates, etc. The true intimate moments are when you guys are not doing something. Usually when you guys are sitting there, not doing anything. You are forced to talk….and after a bit of chit chat….it leads to the hopes, fears, and dreams of the person, and it gets deeper and deeper. That is the true beauty of friendships; when you are talking and communicating and learning about that person. Your friendship grows that way. 

Last night, we all went out to eat at Applebee’s and of course, pigged out. We all were trying to figure out where we were going to go afterwards and what to do, but Emily needed her cigarettes so we just drove back to her car so she could smoke. We ended up sitting in the parking lot for an hour, talking, goofing off, etc. And? I honestly had a lot of fun just sitting there and talking. It was very relaxed and we were all getting closer as friends. So, now I realize, I do not need to always go out with my friends. Sitting there and just relaxing is just as fun as going to see a movie, karaoke, etc. 


The Memories

As I am sitting here with my best friend, Emily, I am coming to terms with the infamous quote, “Live everyday like it is your last”. I have had a hard time actually enjoying life. I always make plans to go do something and then there I am not really soaking it up and enjoying the moment. If I am having a conversation with someone, there I am texting or paying attention to something else instead of giving that person my full attention. Well, I am done with that now. I WILL enjoy every day. For instance, Emily and I arrived at Starbucks this morning and she surprised me with a gift, a Lilly Pulitzer phone case (my first one). She said it was a little gift for our 4 year anniversary of being best friends and for always putting up with her “crap”. It may not seem like an important thing, but it is the fact that she thought about that and to give me a gift for it. So that was really thoughtful and I was really thankful for it as well. So just remember to truly enjoy the moments. Make memories because you truly will regret it later.